Background Inquiries & Services is a professional investigation company licensed by the states of North Carolina and South Carolina and is fully insured. The company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.

Background Inquiries & Services conducts investigations throughout the Carolinas, with particular coverage in Wake, Durham, Orange, Lee Chatham counties in NC.

Some of our many services are defined below. Prices range depending on the requested task and location. For further information about prices and our services, please contact us at (919) 377-0917.


Employment Screening

SSN Locate
: Database search to verify names, dates of birth, SSN, and addresses.

Criminal Records: Records consist of Felonies, Misdemeanors and Traffic Misdemeanors. Courts are searched either Statewide or County, depending on the jurisdictions. Misdemeanors are reported for the last 7 years only

International criminal records: We can assist in obtaining criminal records, however, many countries require the applicant to apply for the criminal records.

Civil Records: Civil Records are disputes or torts, such as personal /professional injury, motor vehicle negligence, divorce, child support, evictions. Records are conducted by the county, although statewide may also be conducted.

Verifications: (Verification of Education and/or Employment). Employers and schools are contacted. * We verify employment-position and dates of hire. Education, years attended, degree and  major.

* We attempt to contact employers and schools, although many employers and schools have sold their records to private companies and records are available only through purchase of the data.

Driving Records: Records of traffic violations/suspensions obtained from state motor vehicle departments

Federal Searches: Search of federal courts including criminal/civil. Also searches of federal databases such as Prohibited Parties.  Bankruptcy records are not part of employment screening.

Credit Reports:  Credit reports are offered for employment /tenant screening.

* Many companies are moving away from using credit reports for employment decisions

Tenant Screening: Typical package includes a criminal and eviction search, a more comprehensive package would include a last landlord verification.



Process Service
:  We perform service of process in Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties.

Surveillance/Investigations:  Please call to discuss.

We perform personal injury, including death investigations, corporate investigations.